Samsung launches Java based REX-branded feature phones



Samsung has announced the launch of REX series of Java-based features phones. The phones which are developed by the Indian Samsung R&D team are priced between Rs. 4280 and Rs. 6490. The company launched four phones — REX 60, REX 70, REX 80 and REX 90.

The REX series seems to be a revival of the Samsung Corby and STAR series that were earlier available. These low-end phones would be a direct competition to Nokia’s Asha series which is quiet popular here in India. Read more →

Blackberry unveils two OS 10 flagship devices: Z10 and Q10

Blackberry-logo The dwindling hope for Blackberry seems to have been revived with the launch of two flagship devices — Z10 and Q10. Both these devices are built on the new Blackberry OS 10. The Operating System is a bold step ahead for BlackBerry which has been known for its brick and mortar approach to UI. Z10 is an all touch device while Q10 has a physical keyboard with a touch interface.  Read more →

Seven Things I’d like to see in iOS 7



People loved Apple for designing the most intuitive touchscreen user interface with the iPhone in 2007. It served as a benchmark for how finger-friendly interfaces evolved after that. The adage “It just works” was (in some cases, still is) associated with many of the company’s products. But as Android rapidly matured over the years, today in the case of iOS, sometimes it just doesn’t work anymore.

Looking at the past, iOS expectedly has close to half a year till its features are announced at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), typically held in June. It would be wrong of me to expect a completely re-imagined interface, as history has shown us that Apple has been averse to do anything drastic. But here are the five primitive things I’d be humbled to see in iOS 7.

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Dell Latitude 10 Tablet Review

Dell Latitude 10 in hand

It is finally done. For those who have been asking for the functionality of a computer and the portable, touchy-swipy experience of a tablet in a single device since the iPad introduction in 2010, there are now answers. Answers like the Latitude 10, which Dell is careful to place into a seeming sub-category of tablets — “built for business”.

The Latitude 10 may not look like the most stunning or interesting on the outside — the typical black bordered edges and a smooth-finish back actually can bear resemblance to their XPS 12 Ultrabook when seen from certain angles. But its insides will raise the eyebrows of the demographic that I was referring to in the first line of this post. It is powered by an Intel Atom Dual-core processor clocked at 1.8 GHz, 2GB of RAM and Windows 8 (Yes, the proper PC version) loaded onto its 64GB solid state storage. So, does this marriage between PC and Tablet make ARM-based offerings running Android and iOS redundant?

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Why isn’t Battery Life Improving?!

battery life symbol

Over the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing a plethora of gadgets. Most of these were really well made, with great specs and fairly good value for money. But, at the end of almost every review – I had one gripe with all of these gadgets. It didn’t matter who the maker of the gadget was, what OS it was running or what kind of materials were used to actually make it. It didn’t even matter whether the gadget was a smartphone, a tablet or even a phablet. It always seemed that the battery life was never good enough. And hasn’t this been the gripe ever since smartphones have been around? Or wait, was battery life a lot better when these gadgets weren’t as ‘smart’ as they are now? Hmm, I don’t know how much a difference it has made — but there is certainly a big difference from how much power smartphones used to consume in the middle of the last decade, to what they are consuming now.

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How To: Create a Digital Signature using Preview on Mac


The world has gone digital and as Oatmeal explains working from home is both awesome and horrible. We are a new generation of remote workers.

Who is a remote worker?

It is a fancy word for the folklore that are too lazy or too talented or plain not needed to go to a workplace regularly or at all. Such people end up creating a world around themselves in desolate location(s) with a working internet connection. But, sometimes even they are forced to leave the comforts of their house to go all the way to the office to sign a paper or two. Well, if you own a mac running Lion or Mountain Lion (not available for MacBook) you are in luck, you can stay at home and get it done. This can used by many other people on the go.

In this simple tutorial, you will learn how to create a digital signature in four easy steps. For the same, you will need a plain sheet of paper and a marker or pen that can write legibly. Read more →

Where to buy pepper spray online in India (Update)

Image Credit: AMUL (inspiring as usual)

This country is no more safe for women. There are instances of molestation, rape, trafficking, bridal slaves, the list is long. The tendencies of the ones committing such heinous acts is getting bolder and we need to defend ourselves. In view of the same, we have collated a list of websites that are currently selling Pepper Spray.

What is Pepper Spray?

It is a non-lethal weapon which can be used to render an attacker temporarily blind by spraying it across their face. It is sometimes used by police to restrain culprits or mobs. On a personal level, it may be used by a victim to escape from/ restrain the miscreant(s). Read more →

Landmark Book Store’s Discount Facade (Updated with Landmark’s response)

My tryst with shopping online started with Flipkart. The service was excellent, customer care cordial, the payment procedure especially with COD put me at ease and lastly quality of goods was impeccable with an easy return/refund policy. Flipkart has created a threshold for all e-commerce websites. New entrants are cropping up day by day, but they are playing catch up and that was my experience with Landmarkonthenet (Landmark book store). On 28th November 2012, Sameer Makwana AKA Shadez, tweeted about heavy discounts being given by the said entity. They were offering 65% discounts on graphic novels and I wanted in!

The first on my to-buy list was Watchmen: Absolute Edition and I put it in my virtual cart to merrily browse further. After deliberation and a sly smile, I made my way to the payment gateway. That is where the first debacle took place. To my utter dismay, before I could check out Landmark had reset the prices back to 3% discount.

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